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There are misconceptions about who can foster – whether you are single, in a relationship, divorced; the circumstances will be different but none of these are precluded.

A spare bedroom for the child or young person is required. This may affect other children in the household who might share as well as any other household members. Size of the room also might apply- just ask.

Not at all. Please remember, though, if you are renting, from a private landlord, a council or a housing association, you will need to seek written permission from your landlord but if they are agreeable you can proceed with an enquiry.

Circumstances are different for each applicant, you do need to be available but many of our carers work part time or own their own business, best advice is to check it out.

This depends on the circumstances and type of conviction, how long ago etc. You must be open and honest from the beginning and the agency will carry out DBS checks on all applicants and adult members of the household as well as references on the applicants.

All applicants are subject to a full medical and some circumstances can affect this. Always be open and honest and ask the question.

It is preferable that you drive and have your own transport to take the child to school and appointments or for you to attend training, but if there are suitable alternatives we are happy to discuss.

Yes, pets are subject to some checks.

You need to consider who you can name as your support network, to help you in emergencies, occasional babysitting or short term care and these people will be subject to checks.

Depends on the level of disability, would not preclude and subject to medical.

No, we look for transferable skills, many people have these from life experiences, from being a parent or as part of your job. We will offer you training to develop your skills.